Look & Learn

Look & Learn

Practise and perfect child’s hair styles with Hair by Courtney Anne.

A brand new series with the Master of braiding, styling and engaging in positive interactions with children– Courtney owner and founder of Hair by Courtney Anne.

Watch Courtney chat on all things hair inspiration, tools, tips and tricks.

The look and learn class is the first of many, so I invite you, your beautiful family and friends to watch.


In this video I will be showing you three different styles and some techniques I use. This will keep your child’s hair looking neat and styled all day long.

Get up close and personal with Courtney Anne for a look and learn seminar. Gain insight into basic styling techniques for your child’s hair:

The importance of parts, and how underestimated they are.

How to bubble braid

Changing up buns for a different style

To always accessories

All looks will be painted and styled, ending the session with the looks created for our social media. We encourage an open mind, loads of questions and new industry friendships to be made in our seminars. As we grow together we become unstoppable and our passion can re-ignited with a little reminder that we love what we do, but every now and again a little refresher is in order!

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